Figure 3.50. Gastrostomy tube in the peritoneal cavity with abscess.

(A, B) Films from two different patients with injections into the gastrostomy tube showing a cavity around the tube due to abscesses.

Figure 3.51. Gastrostomy tube in tract communicating with the stomach. Film from injection of contrast medium into the gastrostomy tube shows the tube to be outside the stomach, filling the stomach via a tract.

Figure 3.52. Prolapsed gastrostomy tube.

Supine view of the abdomen after injection of contrast medium through the tube shows migration of the gastrostomy tube into the ileum.

obstruction may develop with prolapse of the tube with an inflated balloon. Gastric outlet obstruction may be a consequence of tube impaction at the pylorus (Fig. 3.53).

Tubes may migrate out of the stomach and beyond and become "lost." Lost tubes, which for the most part are not radiopaque, are often

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