Golgi tendon reflex inverse myotatic is disynaptic

- is the inverse of the stretch reflex.

a. Active muscle contraction stimulates the Golgi tendon organs and group lb afferent fibers.

b. The group lb afferents stimulate inhibitory interneurons in the spinal cord. These interneurons inhibit «-motoneurons and cause relaxation of the muscle that was originally contracted.

c. At the same time, antagonistic muscles are excited.

d. Clasp-knife reflex, an exaggerated form of the Golgi tendon reflex, can occur with disease of the corticospinal tracts (hypertonicity or spasticity).

- For example, if the arm is hypertonic, the increased sensitivity of the muscle spindles in the extensor muscles (triceps) causes resistance to flexion of the arm. Eventually, tension in the triceps increases to the point at which it activates the Golgi tendon reflex, causing the triceps to relax and the arm to flex closed like a jackknife.

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