Inulin is filtered but not reabsorbed or secreted by the renal tubules

■ The clearance of inulin is used to measure GFR, as shown in the following equation:

[P]inulin where:

GFR = glomerular filtration rate (ml/min or ml/24 hr) [UJinuKn = urine concentration of inulin (mg/ml)

V = urine flow rate (ml/min or ml/24 hr) [P] inuiin = plasma concentration of inulin (mg/ml)

-Example of calculation of GFR: Inulin is infused in a patient to achieve a steady-state plasma concentration of 1 mg/ml. A urine sample collected during 1 hour has a volume of 60 ml and an inulin concentration of 120 mg/ml. What is the patient's GFR?

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