Measurement of cardiac output by the Fick principle

- The Fick principle for measuring cardiac output is expressed by the following equation:

Cardiac output =

[Qdpulmonary vein [C2]pulmonary artery

■ The equation is solved as follows:

1. 02 consumption for the whole body is measured.

2. Pulmonary vein [02] is measured in a peripheral artery.

3. Pulmonary artery [02] is measured in systemic mixed venous blood. - For example, a man has a resting 02 consumption of 250 ml/min, a peripheral arterial 02 content of 0.20 ml (Vml of blood, a mixed venous 02 content of 0.15 ml 02/ml of blood, and a heart rate of 72 beats/min. What is his cardiac output? What is his stroke volume?

Cardiac output =

(0.20 ml 02/ml - 0.15 ml O^ml) = 5000 ml/min, or 5.0 L/min (typical value for a 70-kg male) Cardiac output

Stroke volume =

Heart rate

5000 ml/min

72 beats/min

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