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Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Environmental tobacco smoke constitutes passive exposure to cigarette smoke in the ambient air as opposed to active exposure through cigarette smoking. Risks to preterm birth from active cigarette smoking are covered in Chapter 3. A handful of studies have analyzed for an association between environmental tobacco smoke and preterm birth. Among those studies, maternal self-reporting was the most commonly used exposure assessment measure, although two studies used biomarkers of exposure (the maternal serum concentration of the nicotine metabolite cotinine and the concentration of nicotine in maternal hair). Each of the studies reported a positive association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and an increased risk for preterm birth. However, the studies have specific nuances that distinguish the findings. Among women interviewed a few days after delivery for retrospective self-assessment of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke, daily exposure to environmental tobacco...

Vitamin E Supplements Dietary Sources And Smokers

Vitamin E did not receive much attention as an anti-prostate cancer agent until the results of the Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention Study (ATBC Study) were released in 1998.32 Over 29 000 male smokers were involved in this 5-8-year study that was designed primarily to determine if either vitamin E and or P-carotene supplements could prevent lung cancer. Again, as in the selenium supplement trial, prostate cancer was not the primary end-point. There was a 32 reduction in the incidence of prostate cancer among the subjects receiving vitamin E and a 41 decrease in mortality from prostate cancer. However, the results of this study have provided several other interesting observations as listed below. Almost all of the participants were current (60 ) or past (39 ) heavy smokers (median 20 cigarettes day) with a long duration of smoking prior to study entry (median 36 years), so do these results have any bearing on non-smokers The men with the highest serum levels of vitamin...

Fdgpet Cost Effectiveness Studies

In addition to being subjected to careful scrutiny, more than any other diagnostic technology, PET imaging has been required to demonstrate that it delivers cost effective diagnoses. Cost effectiveness studies in Nuclear Medicine including FDG PET studies have been reviewed by Dietlein (1999) 5 and by Gambhir (2000) 6 . These reviews also provide a detailed critique of the individual studies and in the review by Gambhir only six studies in the nuclear medicine literature were found which met all ten of their quality criteria for cost effectiveness studies and only one of these 7 was an FDG PET study. The following is not a comprehensive or detailed analysis of every cost effectiveness study in the literature but a review of FDG PET related to the more important studies in the literature including some published since the two reviews mentioned above and some that have been completed and will be published shortly. Table 1.3 shows the clinical conditions that have been analysed to date...

Conduct Etiologic and Epidemiologic Investigations

The potential risk of preterm birth as a result of exposures to environmental pollutants is poorly understood. Few environmental pollutants have been investigated for their potential to increase the risk for preterm birth, and even among those pollutants that have been studied, the information available for most of them is limited. This lack of knowledge presents a potentially significant shortcoming for the design of public health preventive strategies. The most robust support for the relationship between exposures and preterm birth are for lead (see Andrews et al. 1994 for a review) and environmental tobacco smoke (Ahlborg and Bodin, 1991 Ahluwalia et al., 1997 Jaakkola et al., 2001), for which the weight of evidence suggests that maternal exposure to these pollutants increases the risk for preterm birth. In addition, a number of epidemiol-ogical studies have found significant relationships between exposures to air pollution and pre-term birth, particularly for sulfur dioxide and...

Previous Reports Addressing Preterm Birth And Lowbirthweight Infants

The second theme that guided the committee's approach to its task was the troubling evidence of long-standing disparities in the rates of preterm birth among different subpopulations of the overall U.S. population. There is a greater risk and a higher proportion of preterm births among certain racial-ethnic, and socioeconomically disadvantaged subpopulations. Several explanations for this long-standing trend have been cited, including racial differences in genetics, cigarette smoking, substance use or abuse, work and physical activity, maternal behaviors, stress, institutional racism, access to and the use of prenatal care, and infections. The committee reviews these proposed explanations and discusses the need for a more integrative approach to understanding racial-ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in preterm birth. Research needs in the area of the disparities are also discussed.

Increased Coronary Heart Disease Risk by Dietary Recommendations That Were Made Based on the Cholesterol Hypothesis

Subjects were male (35-57 years old) with high risk for CHD. Special intervention consisted of stepped-care treatment for hypertension, counseling for cigarette smoking, and dietary advice for lowering TC shown in table 2 . Follow-up was for 7 years on average. Conclusions and Discussion Three possible explanations for these findings are considered (1) the overall intervention program, under these circumstances, does not affect CHD mortality (2) the intervention used does affect CHD mortality, but the benefit was not observed in this trial of 7years' average duration, with lower-than-expected mortality and with considerable risk factor change in the UC (usual care) group, and (3) measures to reduce cigarette smoking and to lower blood cholesterol levels may have reduced CHD mortality within subgroups of the SI (special intervention) cohort, with a possibly unfavorable response to antihypertensive drug therapy in certain but not all hypertensive subjects. This last possibility was...

Designing Novel Drugs

Lastly, opportunities still exist for astute clinicians to find new uses for old drugs, and for these newly-discovered uses to lead to new and unexpected drugs. The recent approval of bupropion as a smoking cessation agent is a good example of a chance observation while the drug was being used for its initial indication, which was as an antidepressant. This has led to realization of the influence of nicotine on depression, and investigational drugs of a new class, based on this alkaloid molecule, are now being designed.

Interpretation of Reports on Korean British and Japanese American

Hawaiian men of Japanese ancestry (45-68 years of age) followed up for 18 or more years after a baseline examination showed a quadratic distribution of death rates at different levels of TC. Mortality from cancer progressively decreased and mortality from CHD progressively increased with rising levels of TC. There was a positive association between baseline TC levels and deaths from CHD at 0-6, 7-12 and 13 years and longer after examination. The inverse relationship between cancer and TC levels was stronger in the first 6 years than in the next 6 years and, although still inverse, lost statistical significance after 13 years. Cancers of the colon and lung showed the strongest association with low baseline TC levels, while gastric or rectal cancer failed to show this association. Organ specificity and persistence of the inverse association beyond 6 years suggest that the nutritional demands of cancers may not entirely explain the inverse association with some cancers. The quadratic...

Emotional Responses and Affective States

Four more investigations were very consistent in finding that anxiety concerning the pregnancy itself was associated with gestational age or preterm birth. For example, Rini et al. (1999) reported that prenatal anxiety (a combination of state anxiety and pregnancy anxiety), assessed by interviews with women at 28 to 30 weeks of gestation, was associated with gestational age in 230 Hispanic and white women when other sociodemographic, medical, and behavioral risk factors were controlled for (estimated OR for preterm birth 1.59). In a larger prospective study, Dole et al. (2003) replicated these findings pregnancy-related anxiety at 24 to 29 weeks of gestation predicted preterm birth in a sample of 1,962 women (RR 2.1) when the data were adjusted for alcohol and tobacco use. This effect was robust for women with spontaneous pre-term labor rather than the medical induction of labor, with medical comorbidities controlled for, and was a stronger effect than that of the life events noted...

The role of the placenta

Colorectal or renal cancer have shown that hypertension and proteinuria are the commonest side effects (Kabbinavar et al., 2003 Yang et al., 2003). Likewise, the infusion of sFlt-1 into rats (Maynard et al., 2003) causes these signs to appear. In the latter study the associated glomerular lesions were the same as those seen specifically in preeclampsia (Pollak and Nettles, 1960). Serum-soluble flt-1 is increased in pre-eclampsia (Maynard et al., 2003). Because it is complexed to VEGF, its high levels in pre-eclampsia can explain the variable reports of changes of plasma VEGF in this condition. If total VEGF is measured it is increased, whereas if only free VEGF is assayed it is reduced. The origin of the circulating sFlt-1 is presumed to be the placenta, although this has not yet been directly demonstrated (Clark et al., 1998 Maynard et al., 2003). The most compelling evidence is its rapid decline in concentration after delivery (Maynard et al., 2003). If soluble Flt-1 were the main...

Interaction Between Neighborhood and Individual Level Characteristics

Effect modification in multilevel models also occurs. This type of effect modification is perhaps most difficult to conceptualize and test because it implies a kind of cross-level effect by which individual-level effects are moderated by community-level conditions. This would mean, for example, that the effect of cigarette smoking on an individual's risk of preterm birth would depend on some attribute of the community in which that individual resides. This effect modification would not be explained by interactions with other individual-level psychological or social exposures. In a study of community characteristics and child maltreatment, The Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods found that neighborhood social networks interacted with Hispanic ethnicity to affect the amount of physical abuse committed by individual families (Molnar et al., 2003). The authors interpreted this finding to make the point that neighborhood-level interventions may be the most effective way...

Future Directions Related To Lung Toxicity

Captopril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor that may protect target endothelial cells against radiation-induced cell killing. Preclinical studies show that captopril reduces endothelial dysfunction after irradiation and reduces radiation-induced lung fibrosis in rats.36'37 On the basis of these exciting data, a randomized phase II clinical trial is open through the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG 0123) in which patients are randomized to maintenance captopril or not following completion of radiation therapy. The role of amifostine, the radioprotector, in lung cancer will be reviewed in the next section.

Vitamin E atocopherol

Daily for 5-8 years on lung cancer unexpectedly showed a 32 decrease in incidence of prostate cancer among men receiving a-tocopherol.21 It is noteworthy that P-carotene, when given alone, was shown to be associated with 23 and 15 higher incidence and mortality, respectively. In 1986, 47780 US male health professionals, free from diagnosed cancer, completed a dietary and lifestyle questionnaire, and supplemental vitamin E and prostate cancer incidence were updated through 1996.24 Supplemental vitamin E was not associated with prostate cancer risk generally, but a suggestive inverse association between supplemental vitamin E and the risk of metastatic or fatal prostate cancer among current smokers and recent quitters was consistent with the Finnish trial among smokers.

Aspirinnsaids And Prostate Cancer

Recently, the first epidemiologic study to analyze the association between specific prostate cancer risk and use of NSAIDs was published. This was a population-based case-control study from Auckland, New Zealand.90 A total of 317 recently diagnosed prostate cancer cases including 192 advanced cases were age-matched to 480 controls. Approximately 66 of the total cases and 65 of the advanced cases were 67 years of age or older. Most of the cases were ex-smokers, and less than 10 of the men had a family history of this disease. An inverse relationship (not significant) was found for regular use of total NSAIDs (RR 0.73) and total aspirin (RR 0.71) and a reduction in risk for advanced prostate cancer. Interestingly, low-dose daily aspirin for cardiovascular disease prophylaxis was related with the lowest risk of advanced prostate cancer (RR 0.69). A smaller inverse association was noted for all prostate cancers that included small-volume low-grade cancers (RR 0.84-0.88). The findings of...

Smoking And Prostate Cancer

Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of carcinogenic substances that have demonstrable effects on all phases of cancer devel-opment.14 Tumor initiation, promotion and progression have been associated with compounds found in tobacco smoke in a variety of experimental tumor model systems.15 The well-accepted associations between smoking and neoplasms of the lung, bladder, and head and neck do not necessarily rule out a potential causal association between smoking and prostate cancer. It must be remembered that weaker (but nevertheless causal) associations between a particular agent and a disease may only be apparent with robust investigations and, indeed, may be almost impossible to prove given the limitations of modern epidemiology. From a methodological viewpoint, it is becoming more and more difficult to assess associations between tobacco and cancers as a larger proportion of the population are ex-smokers. Thus, not only is cumulative exposure data potentially important but so are data...

Ursula A Germann 1 Introduction

Resistant Chinese hamster ovary cell line CHrC5 (25) It recognizes a highly conserved intracellular epitope of P-glycoprotem which is different from the epitope for C219 (25). Both C494 and JSB-1 are useful for lmmunoprecipita-tion and Western blot analysis of P-glycoprotein in mdMransfected cells. Various mouse MAbs, including MRK16 and 4E3, crossreact specifically with the external domain of the human MDR gene product (26,27) Intact multidrug resistant human myelogenous leukemia K562 ADM cells were used as lmmu-nogen to generate MRK16 (26), which recognizes epitopes present in the first and fourth predicted extracytoplasmic loop of human P-glycoprotein (24) 4E3 was established by immunizing mice with human squamous lung cancer SW-1573-500 or uterine adenocarcinoma ME180 Dox500 cells (27). MRK16 and 4E3 are excellent reagents for detection of human P-glycoprotein at the cell surface of human MDR1 -transfected cells by FACS analysis or lmmuno-cytometry They can also be used for...

D4 Preventive Strategies

Recently, several randomized trials have studied the role of amifostine, a radiopro-tector, in the setting of lung cancer. Amifostine (Ethyol WR-2721) is an organic thio-phosphate selected from over 4400 compounds screened by the US Army as the best radioprotective compound. Amifostine is dephosphorylated at the tissue site to its active metabolite (WR-1065) by alkaline phosphatase.51 Once inside the cell, WR-1065, the free thiol, acts as a potent scavenger of oxygen free radicals induced by ionizing radiation.52 Randomized phase II or III studies of amifostine in lung cancer have demonstrated mixed results regarding the ability of this agent to reduce esophagitis and or pneumonitis. Antonadou et al.53 randomized 146 lung cancer patients receiving standard thoracic radiation to amifostine (340 mg m2 prior to daily RT). They found significant reductions in grade 2 esophagitis and pneumonitis (P 0.001). In a subsequent randomized phase II trial by the same group,54 73 stage III NSCLC...

Longterm complications

The Medicare claims, 19.5 of patients identified to have had RRP by claim underwent one or more procedures for bladder neck obstruction or stricture after RRP.37 This contrasts with other studies reporting lower rates of postoperative BNC after RRP.38-40 Several studies have reported risk factors for the development of postoperative BNC, including previous prostate procedures or transurethral resections, excessive intraoperative blood loss, postoperative urinary extravasation and asymptomatic bacteriuria.39,41,42 In contrast, other studies found no relationship between development of BNC and previous transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), or pathologic features including cancer volume, positive surgical margins, lymph node or seminal vesicle involvement.36'42 Patient comorbidities have also been implicated as risk factors for the development of BNC after RRP, including cigarette smoking, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus and hypertension, suggesting a microvascular...

Clinical risk factors

Several large-scale prospective prophylactic studies of pre-eclampsia have now been completed and despite being disappointing in regard to successful prophylaxis, have yielded useful data in relation to the clinical epidemiology of pre-eclampsia. The low-dose aspirin study of 1995 (Sibai et al., 1995) revealed that systolic blood pressure at entry, prepregnancy obesity, the number of previous abortions or miscarriage and smoking history were risk factors for development of pre-eclampsia. Cigarette smoking during pregnancy was associated with a reduced incidence of pre-eclampsia. However, race was not a risk factor for pre-eclampsia in this study. A multivariate logistic regression equation based on these four factors could define a tenth of the population at very high risk and another tenth of the population at very low risk. In the subsequent CPEP study (Sibai et al., 1997) risk factors for pre-eclampsia were found to be body mass index, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood...

DNA Methyltransferases DNMTs

An elegant study in Drosophila showed that DNMT3a, but not DNMT1, acts as a de novo methyltransferase.34 Therefore, DNMT3a establishes the gene methylation pattern and then DNMT1 maintains this pattern in the future generations. When DNMT3a or DNMT3b were knocked out, the resulting mice died at 4 weeks of life or during embryonic development, respectively.35 Increased DNMT mRNA has been documented in colon and lung cancer.36-39 However, DNA hypermethylation is not necessarily due to overexpression of DNMT.40

Gene Smoking Interaction

In the United States, about 13 percent of all pregnant women smoke cigarettes, which is a recognized risk factor for preterm birth. A study of 741 U.S. mothers investigated whether maternal genotypes can modify the association between maternal cigarette smoking and infant birth weight, gestational age, and intrauterine growth retardation (Wang et al., 2002). The study found that without consideration of genotype, the OR of preterm birth in association with maternal smoking was 1.8. When the mothers were stratified by their CYP1A1 genotypes, the mothers with variant genotypes had a higher risk of preterm birth. Similarly, when the mothers were stratified by their GSTT1 genotypes, the mothers with variant genotypes had a higher risk of preterm birth. More strikingly, the mothers with both CYP1A1 and GSTT1 variant genotypes had the highest risk of preterm birth (OR greater than 10). This study provides additional evidence that individual genotypes may modify the risk of preterm birth in...

Graphical Presentations

The Medical Research Council Lung Cancer Working Party (1992) conducted a randomised trial of palliative radiotherapy with two fractions (F2) or a single fraction (Fl), in poor-performance patients with inoperable non-small-cell lung cancer. Of particular concern was the distress caused by dysphagia with this disease.

Integration And Future Directions

A related target area could be the integration of neurophysiological and pharmacological studies. Recent evidence indicates that nicotine can have both positive and negative effects on the efficiency of prospective memory, depending on the attentional demands of the ongoing activity (Rusted, 2005 Rusted, Trawley, Heath, Kettle, & Walker, in press). Integrated studies could provide investigators a means of identifying the specific processes underlying the realization of intentions that are modulated by the administration of nicotine or other pharmacological challenges that have been identified in basic research examining the neurobiological basis of prospective memory. Finally, it seems possible that ERP and functional neuroimaging methodologies may hold some promise in understanding the effects of intervention programs designed to ameliorate disruptions of prospective memory. For instance, these methodologies might provide insight into whether restored function arises from the repair...

Preliminary Tests For Ivf And

A general and pelvic examination is made, including chlamydia screening and updating of cervical cytology. The body mass index of the woman should be calculated (weight divided by height squared) and weight loss advised for any woman with a body mass index of greater than 30. Women are advised to stop cigarette smoking and reduce alcohol intake, not only in pregnancy, but also because they reduce fertility. Folate supplementation is recommended before conception and during the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy (400 g folic acid per day or if there is a history of neural tube defect or the woman is taking medication for epilepsy 4 mg daily).

Histograms And Box Plots

Machin and Weeden (1998) give the successive box-and-whisker plots for each of 10 HADS depression assessments in patients with small-cell lung cancer. This is reproduced in Figure 9.6, which includes the numbers of patients completing each assessment, the divisions of borderline and case referred to

What is multislice CT

With multi-slice CT, a single gantry rotation will capture multiple images, e.g. with quadslice CT, each gantry rotation captures four slices of data. The great advantage of multi-slice CT is its speed and its ability to cover large anatomical areas with thin collimation. There is no associated reduction in image quality. There are numerous applications including global trauma assessment (head, cervical spine, chest, abdomen and pelvis), vascular imaging, pulmonary embolism, virtual colonoscopy, lung cancer screening and cardiac imaging. One of the advantages of multi-detector CT is the ability to image organs in various phases of intravenous contrast enhancement - for instance, the pancreas can be scanned in arterial, parenchymal and portal venous phases with a single contrast injection.

Clinical Study of Vitamin E in Prostate Cancer

There have been numerous studies focusing on the effect of vitamin E supplement and its correlation to cancer occurrence. Results from a finished Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene (ATBC) Cancer Prevention Study (n 29,133) of male smokers suggested that the daily supplement of a-tocopherol could reduce the incidence and mortality of prostate cancer.2 In addition, the association between prostate cancer and baseline vitamin E and selenium was evaluated in the trial-based cohort of the ATBC study. During nine years of follow-up, 317 men developed incident prostate cancer. The report found that there were no significant associations between baseline serum a-tocopherol, regular dietary vitamin E, or selenium and prostate cancer.38 Overall, their results indicated a protective effect for total vitamin E among those who received the a-tocopherol inter-vention.38 In another study, the investigators examined the associations between prediagnostic blood levels of micronutrients and prostate...

Choice Of Health States

Suppose a patient with operable lung cancer has the tumour surgically removed, so that in practical terms the patient is (almost) free of disease and hence symptom-free. However, post-operative chemotherapy of three cycles is given to sterilize any potential metastases. During the course of chemotherapy the patient experiences severe toxicity for 5, 3 and 7 days respectively following each cycle of chemotherapy. Thereafter the patient remains without either symptoms or toxicity until the disease recurs at 250 days after surgery when symptoms also reoccur and he dies 50 days later. Here TOX 5 + 3 + 7 15, TWiST 235, REL 50 and OS 15 + 250 + 650 300 days.

Recommended Evaluation And Treatment

Men with abnormal scans should first be provided with counseling on nutrition and lifestyle issues. They should be instructed to eat a balanced, healthy diet, especially high in calcium content. If appropriate, they should stop smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and begin a regimen of physical exercise. Exposure to sunlight is also suggested, providing that they do not have skin cancer.

Cardiovascular Function

Vascular stiffness increases with age, even in the absence of disease. This may be due to both structural and functional changes, with increased deposition of collagen and other ground substance evident on microscopic or molecular examination (51). In addition, advanced age by itself decreases endothelial-mediated relaxation, even in the absence of concurrent diseases, such as hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, and environmental exposures, such as cigarette smoking, that are associated with impaired vascular endothelial relaxation (52). Not only is -adrenergic function impaired, but b2-adrenergic-mediated peripheral vasodilatation is impaired as well, due to decreased b-adrenergic vascular relaxation (53). The clinical result of these changes is an increase in pulse pressure, with systolic blood pressure disproportionately increased relative to diastolic blood pressure.

Variants That May Mimic or Obscure Pathology

Marked physiological uptake is seen in the region of the caecum and ascending colon in a patient with a primary lung cancer that can also be seen on these images at the right lung apex (coronal section). Figure 14.7. Marked physiological uptake is seen in the region of the caecum and ascending colon in a patient with a primary lung cancer that can also be seen on these images at the right lung apex (coronal section).

Estimating Sample Size

Chapter 1 introduced the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) which is one method of assessing the psychological aspects of QoL in studies of cancer patients. Julious et al. (1997) provide a detailed summary of some HADS anxiety and depression data generated from 154 patients with small-cell lung cancer in a randomised trial conducted by Medical Research Council Lung Cancer Working Party (1996). The data for the anxiety scores are given in Table 14.1. Table 14.1 Frequency of responses on the HADS for anxiety for patients with small-cell lung cancer two months post-randomisation (Based on MRC Lung Cancer Working Party, 1996) Table 14.1 Frequency of responses on the HADS for anxiety for patients with small-cell lung cancer two months post-randomisation (Based on MRC Lung Cancer Working Party, 1996)

Benign Causes of 18FDG Uptake

Cumulation in macrophages and other activated inflammatory cells 7, 8 . In oncological imaging, this inflammatory uptake may lead to decrease in specificity. For example, it may be difficult to differentiate benign postradiotherapy changes from recurrent tumour in the brain, unless the study is optimally timed or unless alternative tracers such as 11C methio-nine are used. Apical lung activity may be seen following radiotherapy for breast cancer, and moderate uptake may follow radiotherapy for lung cancer 36 . It may also be difficult to differentiate radiation changes from recurrent tumour in patients who have undergone radiotherapy for rectal cancer within six months of the study 12 .

Vascular Diseases 941 Introduction

Vascular diseases are characterised by conditions that clog or weaken blood vessels. They have been widely investigated as they represent a major cause of death in industrialised countries (Minino et al. 2002 Gianazza and Sironi 2004). Vascular diseases are mainly caused by elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, hypertension, hyperhomocysteinemia, diabetes and obesity, systemic inflammation and metabolic syndrome, but also a lack of physical activity, cigarette smoking, a high-fat diet, low antioxidant levels and infectious agents. Gender and age may also play a role. Vascular diseases involve many different processes. These include slow processes, such as atherosclerosis that can evolve over decades, and much more rapid events, such as infarction in the heart or the brain.

Etiology of erectile dysfunction after external beam radiotherapy

The causes of impotence are arteriogenic, neurogenic and pyschogenic in nature. After radiotherapy the most likely cause of erectile dysfunction is arteriogenic.65,69,70 Goldstein et al. postulated that postradiation impotence is secondary to damage to the internal pudendal and penile arteries.70 Radiation causes proliferation of the intima of vessels and is prothrombotic, favoring atherosclerotic plaque formation.71 The histologic changes after radiation therapy were initially demonstrated in animal studies, where damaged vessels became sites of fibroblastic proliferation and lipid depos-ition.72-74 These changes would certainly impede blood flow to the penis and cause erectile dysfunction. It is not surprising that a higher percentage of patients after radiotherapy present with erectile dysfunction, if they have a history of hypertension, atherosclerosis and tobacco use.70

Correcting Protein Misfolding as a Novel Therapeutic Approach

Benzofuran-based compounds (29), rifampicin (30), melatonin (31), nicotine (32), estrogen (33), glycosaminoglycans mimetics (34), nitrophenols (35), tetracycline (36), anthracycline 4'-iodo-4'-deoxydoxorubicin (37), clioquinol (38), ibuprofen (39), and (40). The activity of some of these compounds has also been studied in vivo using AD animal models and even some of them are under clinical evaluation in AD patients. However, the usefulness of these small molecules as amyloid inhibitors is compromised by their lack of specificity and their (in most of the cases) unknown mechanism of action, which makes it difficult to improve them. In addition, many of these compounds are highly toxic.

Direct Targeting of the Apoptotic Machinery

Carried out to assess the benefits of oblimersen in combination with conventional drugs in Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). Varied designer ligands (peptidomimetics or organic small molecules) that bind to the BH3-binding pocket of BCL-2 and Bcl-XL have been shown to induce apoptosis in vitro (Yin et al., 2005 Degterev et al., 2001 Enyedy et al., 2001 Kutzki et al., 2002 Tzung et al., 2001 Walensky et al., 2004 Wang et al., 2000). To date, a stapled BH3 peptide has been reported to inhibit the growth of leukemia xenografts (Walensky et al., 2004) and a small-molecule inhibitor of the Bcl-2 family members, ABT-737 (Abbot Laboratories), has been shown to induce regression of solid tumors in vivo (Oltersdorf et al., 2005). Moreover, a dual Bcl-2 BclXL antagonist (GX15-070, GeminX Biotechnology) entered clinical trials last year.

Where We Are Now 20002004

Physiologically linked with the leukemia, the Bcr-Abl oncoprotein 9 . The demonstration that targeting a specific abnormally expressed or activated molecular pathway could lead to successful therapy ushered in a new era in medical oncology,further enhanced by approval of other targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitors such as gefitinib (Iressa, AstraZeneca) against the epidermal growth factor receptor in non-small cell lung cancer, and bevacizumab (Avastin, Genentech) against the vascular epithelial growth factor receptor in colorectal carcinoma. Other targeted therapies similarly developed include drugs that promote apoptosis or inhibit cell cycle progression in malignant cells that have otherwise escaped normal regulation of such processes, and therapies to inhibit or reverse the epigenetic modifications associated with loss of differentiated phenotype in cancers.

Bone Lesion Localization

Despite the fact that primary bone malignancies are rare, metastases to the bone are relatively common and tend to be found in sites of persistent red marrow, particularly the axial skeleton.4 The most common sites of metastases in a series of 2001 patients with known bone metastases was (in decreasing frequency) the vertebrae, pelvis and sacrum, femur, ribs, skull, humerus, scapula, and sternum.5 Metastases to bone most commonly are seen in breast and in prostate carcinomas. Kidney, thyroid and lung cancer bony metastases occur less frequently.4 Cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, sarcomas, and genital tract rarely metastasize to bone. The overall frequency of osseous metastases is 67 in breast cancer patients, 50 in prostate cancer, 25 for lung cancer and kidney cancer, and less than 10 in all other malignancies.4 Clinically-silent bone metastases are infrequent and are suspected from an abnormal staging radioisotopic bone scan. For some malignancies, a bone scan is routine in...

Summary and recommendations

J. and Littler, W. A. (1975). Direct arterial pressure, heart rate, and electrocardiogram during cigarette smoking in unrestricted patients. Am. Heart J, 89, 18-25. (1991). Elevation of ambulatory systolic blood pressure in hypertensive smokers. A case-control study. J. Am. Med. Ass., 265, 2226-8.

Labeling Studies of PEG Prodrugs Fluorescent Dye Labeling

Mcf Drugs Localization

To examine cellular binding, uptake, and trafficking of PEG in cancer cells, FITC-labeled 40 kDa PEG (PEG-FITC) was synthesized employing a stable thiourea bond. This conjugate was shown to be stable under the experimental conditions. Yu et al. (2004) examined the cellular uptake and subcellular localization of PEG-FITC in various human cancer cells using FACS and confocal microscope analyses. FACS results revealed that PEG-FITC was taken up by A549 lung cancer cells in a dose- and time-dependent manner. The maximal uptake level was reached after an approximately 16-h exposure. PEG-FITC exhibited significantly higher levels of uptake than native FITC, suggesting that PEGylation may enhance drug transport to cells. The internalized PEG-FITC was retained in the cells at significant levels for over 8 h, although its levels declined slowly over time. Confocal microscopic analysis demonstrated that PEG-FITC was localized predominantly in the perinuclear region of the cytoplasm (Figure 8)....

Hh Signaling And Tumor Growth

Signaling Pathway

In summary, studies to date show a broad consensus that Hh pathway activation can significantly accelerate tumor growth. Work with established tumor cell lines and xenograft tumors clearly shows that tumor growth can be accelerated by paracrine signaling (20) as well as by autocrine pathway activation by both ligand-dependent (31) and ligand-independent mechanisms (31,35). A striking inhibition of xenograft tumor growth was achieved by chemical inhibition of Hh signaling, suggesting that prostate cancer may be one of several tumor types (including pancreatic cancer, small cell lung cancer, medulloblastoma, and basal cell carcinoma) in which inhibitors of Hh signaling may offer a new and potentially potent treatment opportunity.

Impact Of Tumor Microenvironment On Furin Expression

Over the recent years, a better understanding of the influence of the tumor microenvironment on furin expression has emerged. Until now, only few cancer related molecules were shown to modulate furin expression. Among others, the parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP), known to regulate the growth and invasion of human cancers such as breast, prostate, and lung cancer, enhances furin mRNA expression when added to human gastric cancer cell cultures. The transfection of furin cDNA within these cells markedly increased the production of mature PTHrP, a natural furin substrate, as well as cell proliferation, suggesting a link between furin expression, PHTrP maturation and gastric cancer cell growth 7 . Moreover, BCL-2, a pro-apoptotic molecule overexpressed in several cancers known to enhance migration and invasion of glioma cells, was also shown to have an impact on furin expression. In fact, BCL-2 glioma-expressing cells exhibit enhanced expression and activity of the proprotein...

An Overview of Female Infertility

Medical Algorithm

A general medical history is imperative in determining other major medical problems affecting a patient's fertility. A patient should be in optimal health prior to initiating fertility therapy. Many common chronic medical conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity will increase a patient's risk for miscarriage and pregnancy complications. Lastly, taking a social history will identify any habits which may influence a patient's fertility. Tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine use will affect fecundity rates in women as well as men. There is a known dose-response relationship between the number of cigarettes smoked and length of time it takes to achieve pregnancy. Marijuana affects the fertility directly by inhibiting secretion of GnRH in both men and women. Cocaine is also known to decrease spermatogenesis. Cigarettes

Ischaemic lower limb Chronic

M Medical Stop smoking and exercise, supervised programs have been shown to be effective. Treatment of other cardiovascular risk markers, e.g. statins, control of hypertension (but p-blockers should be avoided as they tend to peripheral circulation), aspirin. Prostacyclin infusions are sometimes used in those with critical ischaemia unable to tolerate other interventions but this can cause severe hypotension.

Ethical Vignettes In Rehabilitation

Eric is a 29-year-old man with a history of many psychiatric hospitalizations. He has been referred to a number of PsyR programs in the past, but has been difficult to engage. Eric's symptoms typically include restlessness, confusion, and paranoia, and while he seems to respond well to antipsychotic medications, he frequently refuses to take them. Following a hospital discharge, Eric returns home to live with his mother and is assigned to an assertive community treatment program in which a team of staff provides services for Eric at his home. Eric is reluctant to talk with the team members when they visit and more often than not, despite pleas from his mother, refuses to take medication. The team decides to implement the following plan Eric's mother, who is the payee for his monthly disability check, will give him a weekly allowance of spending money if he complies with the following conditions (1) taking his medication as prescribed twice a day, and (2) talking with the team members...

Theoretical models and psychodermatology

Contextualing a review of any discipline requires that the discipline be placed within a theoretical and historical framework, and this approach is appropriate for psychodermatology. By the 1950s, the incidence of contagious diseases had declined rapidly and non-contagious diseases were on the increase. These included diseases that are related to lifestyle variables such as lung cancer and heart disease. Improved hygiene, vaccines and general medical treatment led to longer-life expectancy and the effects of health-compromising behaviours such as smoking, drinking, alcohol and poor diet had a growing effect on health. As a consequence of the limitations of the biomedical model and the change in disease statistics, researchers in the fields of health, psychology and medicine had begun to focus on the biopsychosocial model, a model that posits the fundamental assumption that health and illness are consequences of the interplay between psychological, biological and social factors (Engel,...

Ligandgated Cation Channels

Interestingly, many ligand-gated channels share common agonists with G protein-coupled receptors (Table 1). For example, there are two types of acetyl-choline receptors that can be distinguished by their pharmacology. The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor binds nicotine and is a cation-selective receptor channel. On the other hand, the muscarinic acetylcho-

B10 Secondary Malignancy

There is increasingly compelling evidence that breast cancer patients are at higher risk of subsequently developing lung cancer following radiation especially for those who smoke. Data from SEER were used to assess the subsequent risk of lung cancer in breast cancer patients that were irradiated. A total of 122 lung cancers developed in 13,750 women who received radiation and 473 in the 41,196 who were not radiated (0.88 vs. 0.11 ).174 This risk was confined to the ipsilateral lung. A population-based study from the Danish Cancer Registry has also demonstrated a slightly elevated lung cancer risk after 10 years in radiated breast cancer patients.176 A study from the Connecticut Tumor Registry with an analysis for smoking history demonstrated that the increased risk of subsequent lung cancer in the ipsilateral lung following radiation for breast cancer was much greater for smokers than non-smokers.175 The relative risk for a subsequent ipsilateral lung cancer was 6.7 (95 CI 0.6 79.4)...

Stigma and Discrimination

After losing an apartment because her building was about to be demolished to make way for a mini-mall, Ellen finally located an apartment she could afford, a third-floor walk-up in a building in which the landlord also resided. Ellen made a good impression during her initial meeting with the landlord. He noticed she was a smoker, which wasn't a problem because he smoked cigarettes as well. However, when the landlord called one of her references and discovered her psychiatric history, he became wary. He discussed the situation with his wife, who was quite blunt in her assessment I don't want some crazy woman who smokes cigarettes in our building she'll be sure to burn the place down When Ellen stopped by the next day she was told the apartment was already rented.

Granulocyte and granulocytemacrophage colonystimulating factors

Tumour-related leucocytosis is a paraneoplastic syndrome that has been reported occasionally in a number of different non-haematological malignancies, including lung carcinoma, mesothelioma, transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder, and renal and hepatocellular carcinomas among others. Autonomous production of haemopoietic CSFs such as G-CSF, GM-CSF and IL-6 by these tumours has recently been demonstrated. Although the mechanism for this aberrant expression of G-CSF m-RNA remains unclear, it appears that in the case of lung cancer this phenomenon is associated with a poor outcome.

Prospective Memory in Substance Abuse

Overview Over the past decades, there has been an increasing use of recreational drugs in many countries. Cognitive deficits due to the abuse of drugs such as alcohol, MDMA (ecstasy), or cannabis have been well described in various domains (Parrott, 2001 Pope, 2002 B. Rodgers et al., 2005). A considerable number of studies have begun to address whether drug abusers have impaired prospective memory abilities. The hypothesis was tested that prospective memory is disrupted due to the abuse of drugs that have been found to produce deficits in retrospective memory or particularly in executive functioning. There is increasing evidence that long-term abuse of psychoactive drugs such as alcohol, MDMA, or cannabis, and even drugs with relatively weak psychostimulant effects such as nicotine (Heffernan et al., 2005 but cf. Rusted, Trawley, Heath, Kettle, & Walker, 2005) has detrimental effects on everyday prospective memory functioning.

Radiolabeling Studies Using 94mTc

Finally, 55Co has a half life of 18.2 hours and decays 81 by P+-emission 4 . It has been used in PET imaging as 55Co Cl2, where 55Co2+ has been used as a marker for calcium uptake in degenerating brain tissue 146-150 and complexed to molecules such as oxine and MPO (mercaptopyridine-N-oxide) for platelet labeling 151 and to EDTA for renal function assessments 152 . It has also been chelated to biomolecules including bleomycin for studies of lung cancer and brain metastases 153-155 and the MAb LS-174T 156 .

Tetrahydrobiopterin and Vascular Disease

Pulmonary Hypertension Vascular Changes

In humans, acute BH4 administration augments NO-dependent flow-mediated vasodilatation in smokers 32 , and in patients with diabetes 32 , hypertension 14 , hypercholesterolaemia 74 or coronary artery disease 52 . Superoxide production is increased in human diabetic vessels, which is partly inhibited by a NOS inhibitor or sepiapterin 28 . However, these studies are short-term and may be confounded by non-specific antioxidant effects, given the high doses of sepiapterin used (more than hundred-fold in excess of physiological concentration). There are few data on the long-term effects of BH4 augmentation in vascular disease.

Proprotein Convertases And Cancerrelated Substrates

Binding of IGF-1R ligand, IGF-1, leads to increased proliferation as well as pro-survival signals. In addition, lung carcinoma cells over expressing this receptor showed enhanced invasion through Matrigel indicating that IGF-1R favored degradation of some components of the basement membrane, probably through induction of MMPs. In this context, Long et al demonstrated that overexpression of IGF-1R in M-27 lung cancer cell lines, which express low levels of the receptor, resulted in increased MMP-2, levels. Conversely, ablation of IGF-1R expression using antisense technology, lowered MMP-2 levels resulting in impaired invasive ability 63 . Recently, a dual regulation of MMP-2 levels through the IGF-1 IGF-1R signal transduction system has been elucidated 64 . Two major pathways contribute to MMP-2 regulation the PI 3 kinase Akt mTOR and Ras Raf MEK pathaways. When H59 lung carcinoma cells were stimulated with IGF-1concentrations (10ng ml) that favor cell proliferation and motility,...

Effects of Drugs and Natural Reinforcers

Many people commonly take stimulant drugs like nicotine, amphetamine, cocaine, or depressant drugs like morphine or alcohol, all of which affect behavior and are thus said to be psychoactive. The long-term consequences of abusing psychoactive drugs are now well-documented, and it has been hypothesized that some of the behavioral symptoms observed in drug addicts or alcoholics are related to abnormalities in the functioning of the prefrontal regions (Robbins and Everitt, 2002). One experimental demonstration of drug-induced changes in the brain is known as drug-induced behavioral sensitization, often referred to just as behavioral sensitization. Behavioral sensitization is the progressive increase in the behavioral actions of a drug that occurs after repeated administration of a constant dose of the drug. Behavioral sensitization occurs with most psychomotor stimulant drugs (e.g. amphetamine, nicotine) and sometimes to morphine. For example, when a rat is given a small dose of...

The Unique Characteristics Of The Otc Field From The Pharmaceutical Physicians Viewpoint

The physician generally focuses on a single therapeutic area, enjoys a large support staff that provide him her with in-depth assistance, and uses a limited number of research protocols and techniques that can be thoroughly mastered. In contrast, the OTC physician must be an expert on smoking cessation one day, gastroenterology the next, and dermatology the next. The OTC physician must also be concerned with detailed issues of formulation and manufacturing.

Important Expression Changes In Cap Progression

Cal behavior, in breast cancer profiling studies, ERBB2 does not appear on the list of the most upregulated genes between normal breast tissue and breast cancer. Most commonly, studies attempt to identify the genes that are most differentially expressed (often using a i-test) between two classes of samples. In these types of analyses, ERBB2 is not highly significant, because it is not upregulated in all cases of cancer, even though it is very highly expressed when it is upregulated. A similar situation has recently been discovered during trials evaluating the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitor, gefitinib, in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. During the trial, only 20 of patients had major objective responses and several groups have now determined that most patients experiencing a response have tumors that demonstrate mutations associated with the ATP-binding site of EGFR, the target of gefitinib (89,90). Again, if researchers were mining lung cancer...

Mutations That Influence Drug Receptors

From the perspective of general practitioners and most patients, the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer has not significantly advanced over the past 20 years. The advent of treatment with the tyrosine kinase inhibitor gefitinib brought a new approach, but it was clear from the start that only a few patients appeared to benefit. Recently, mutations in the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) have been identified that appear to identify a subpopulation of patients who do respond well (90). This work has identified gain of function somatic mutations within the tumors of these patients that appear to enhance their responsiveness to gefitinib, an important conceptual advance from the assumption that all mutations are inevitably deleterious. While the study was conducted on only a small number of patients and their tumors, it is not difficult to recognize the potential importance of this finding for those patients whose tumors do carry the relevant mutations that correlate with a...

Exposure by Stage of Gestation

Several studies specifically analyzed whether a stage of gestation for exposure to air pollutants is the most strongly associated with preterm birth. The results have been inconsistent, with some studies reporting significant associations early or late in gestation. Exposure to sulfur dioxide (Bobak, 2000 Mohorovic, 2004), total suspended particulates (Bobak, 2000), and nitrogen dioxide (Maroziene and Grazuleviciene, 2002) in the first trimester, but not the second or the third trimester, of pregnancy was associated with preterm birth. Among women living in a mining district of the Czech Republic who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy, there was an increased prevalence of preterm births for pregnancies conceived in the winter compared with pregnancies conceived in summer. Because winter in this study was characterized by weather inversions that resulted in unusually high concentrations of fine particles dominated by acidic sulfates, genotoxic organic compounds, and toxic trace...

Schizophrenia And Other Cognitive Disorders

The role of nicotine in improving cognition 40 may explain the high incidence of smoking in schizophrenics as a form of self-medication. Pharmacological, clinical and epidemiological data also support a role for nicotine in delaying the onset and perhaps slowing down the progression of AD. Interestingly, nicotine produces a long-lasting elevation of nerve growth factor (NGF) production when administered experimentally directly to the hippocampus of rats. In the central nervous system (CNS), NGF has powerful effects on the cholinergic system. It promotes cholinergic neuron survival after experimental injury as well as maintaining and regulating the phenotype of uninjured cholinergic neurons. In addition to these neuro-trophic effects mediated by gene expression, NGF has a rapid neurotrans-mitter-like action to regulate cholinergic neurotransmission and neuronal excitability. Consistent with its actions on the cholinergic system, NGF can enhance function in animals with cholinergic...

Adaptive and Maladaptive Functions

It is important to distinguish among present, past, and future stressors, because psychological and behavioral responses to them differ, and different kinds of coping strategies are effective in dealing with them. For example, for stressors that may never occur but are so aversive that people want to avoid them if at all possible (for example, cancer or injury in an automobile crash), people engage in preventive coping behavior (they stop smoking or they wear seat belts) even though they are not currently experiencing a high level of anxiety. In this kind of situation, an individual's anxiety level sometimes needs to be heightened in order to motivate coping behavior.

Tumorassociated Enzyme Targets and Prodrugs pH Hypoxia and Glucuronidase Targeted Prodrugs

The three most commonly used reducible moieties are quinones (Dirix et al., 1996 Jaffar et al., 1998 Gharat et al., 1998), N-oxides (Brown, 1993) and (hetero)aromatic nitro groups (Siim et al., 1997). One of the most important members of bioreductive quinone drugs is mitomycin C (Mmc), which is used to treat patients. The most promising member of the N-oxide bioreductive drugs (White et al., 1989 Mann and Shervington, 1991 Henderson et al., 1996 Wilson et al., 1996 Raleigh et al., 1998, 1999 Highfield et al., 1998, 1999) is tirapazamine (TPZ) (Wang et al., 1992 Brown, 2000a), which showed encouraging results in a phase III clinical trial in advanced non-small cell lung cancer in combination with cisplatin (Brown, 2000b).

Proteomics and Cancer

Cells by Percoll gradient centrifugation. They also analysed qualitative aspects of tissue preparation in relation to the histopathology of lung cancer, and examined the relationship between histopathological findings and 2-DE gel quality. They concluded that histopathological features, such as a local homogeneity, and the amounts of connective tissue and serum proteins were critical factors for the successful preparation of the sample and the high quality of overall protein separation and analysis. They clearly overcame some major technical difficulties. As a result of their work, clear guidelines are now available for sample preparation of patient cells and biopsies (Franzen et al. 1995).

Whole Body Imaging in Oncology

Full Body Tomography

FDG uptake in the brain is of a level found in most malignant neoplasms, hence detection of brain metastases is still best accomplished by contrast enhanced CT or MR. One notable exception is melanoma, a neoplasm with such intense FDG uptake and propensity for widespread and unpredictable metastatic sites, that brain metastases can be detected on FDG PET, and therefore many centers include the entire head in whole-body imaging of melanoma patients. For lung cancer and oesophageal patients, the top of the axial field-of-view should include the base of the neck, for head and neck cancer and lymphoma patients up to the skull base. Patients with cancers originating in the gastrointestinal and genito-urinary tract require body positioning to insure the entire pelvis, to below the level of the pubic symphysis, in addition to the abdomen and chest is included. In lymphoma patients the caudal extent of axial field-of-view typically includes the upper thighs to insure inguinal lymph nodes are...


67Ga citrate has been used as a tumor imaging agent for over 30 years 38 . It was subsequently discovered that trans-chelation of gallium to the iron-binding protein transferrin was the actual tumor imaging agent 39 . Further work demonstrated that gallium is completely bound to transferrin as soon as 15 minutes after administration of 67Ga citrate 40 . The effectiveness of this radiopharmaceutical is such that it remains in use today in the clinical diagnosis of certain types of neoplasia, lung cancer, non-Hodgkin's disease, lymphoma, malignant melanoma, and leukemia. To date, the mechanism by which gallium-transferrin enters tumors is unknown.

Nonmedical Interventions

Nonmedical interventions, such as social support, reduction of stress, improved access to prenatal care, and reduced physical activity, can be used to reduce the rates of preterm birth and were reviewed in Chapter 3. A recent study examined the rates of low birth weight among participants in a Medicaid-funded prenatal program for high-risk women (Ricketts et al., 2005). The results indicated that the infants of women who stopped smoking had a rate of low birth weight of 8.5 percent, whereas the rate was 13.7 percent among the infants of women in the program who did not stop smoking. The infants of women with adequate weight gain had a rate of low birth weight rate of 6.7 percent, whereas the rate was 17.2 percent among the infants of women with inadequate weight gain. Finally, the infants of women who eliminated all risks had a low birth weight rate of 7.0 percent, whereas the rate was 13.2 percent among the infants of women who eliminated none of their risks. Those who attended at...

Location of Residence

Twice the prevalence of preterm birth compared with that of women living in a less polluted district (p 0.01), although that study was confounded by cigarette smoking and racial differences that stratified with the districts (Dejmek et al., 1996 Sram et al., 1996). Residential proximity to highways was also found to be related to the risk for preterm birth, with ORs or RRs ranging from 1.08 to 1.30 (Ponce et al., 2005 Wilhelm and Ritz, 2003, 2005 Yang et al., 2003a).

Behavioral Influences On Preterm Birth

For a number of these behaviors, observational studies are inherently limited, no matter how carefully conducted and how attentive investigators are to controlling for other exposures (which are themselves difficult to measure accurately and to thus fully control). Nonetheless, when considered in conjunction with other lines of research involving mechanistic studies and randomized trials, observational studies of behavioral influences on preterm birth, when it is feasible to conduct such studies, have been highly informative. The subsections that follow review tobacco use, alcohol use, illicit drug use, nutrition, sexual activity, physical activity, employment, and douching.

Jack H Mydlo and Matthew Karlovsky

Among the secondary tumors that occur with a higher incidence in cancer patients are melanoma and lung cancer, and lymphoma and renal cell carcinoma.5'6 Greenberg etal. reported an increased incidence of bladder cancer in those patients with prostate cancer.7 Liskow etal. also reported an increase in bladder cancer in those patients with prostate cancer. They also found an increase in lymphoma in these patients as well.8 However, Kawakami etal. found no increase in multiple primary malignancies in prostate cancer patients,9 which has also been shown by Isaacs etal.10 Furthermore, in a large Swiss study by Levi etal. examining 4503 cases, they actually found a reduced incidence of neoplasms in men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer. In addition, they did not find an association between cigarette smoking and prostate cancer.11 In a retrospective chart review of 2339 patients with prostate cancer, Moyer etal. reported 222 on patients (9.5 ) who developed a second primary malignancy....

Side Effects Of Selenium And Vitamin E

Vitamin E, when combined with blood thinners of all types, may increase the risk of internal bleeding.38 It is notable that smokers in the ATBC trial had an increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke at only 50 mg of vitamin E daily. Other clinical studies have demonstrated that obtaining over 1000mg of supplemental vitamin E daily may be harmful.63-65 For example, it can reduce the body's absorption of other antioxidants (like vitamin C) and may act as a pro-oxidant at these levels rather than an antioxidant, especially if you are not a smoker.66 It seems that, if any of these supplements have an impact on health, then they do so within a certain window period. Too little does not do anything and too much has either a negative or no impact. This will be a real challenge for future supplement trials deciding on the right supplement, at the right dosage, and which can give maximal efficacy and minimal side effects.

Lipid Factor III transFatty Acids and Other Unidentified Factors in Oils

Male smokers (n 21,930) aged 50-69 years were followed for 6.1 years. Major coronary events (n 1,399) and coronary deaths (n 635) were noted. After controlling for age, supplement group, several coronary risk factors, total energy and fiber intake, the authors observed a significant positive association between trans-FA intake or LA intake and the risk of coronary deaths. In the multivariate model, the intakes of trans-FA and 3 FAs from fish were directly related to the risk of coronary deaths. There was no association between intakes of saturated or cis-monounsaturated FAs, LA or ALA, or dietary cholesterol and the risk of coronary deaths. All the associations were similar but somewhat weaker for all major coronary events.

Multifactorial Inheritance

Environmental factors are also of importance in multifactorial disease. For example, cigarette smoking, obesity, a high-fat diet, and physical inactivity are associated with increased risk of developing coronary artery disease. From a practical perspective, identification of these is important because environmental risks, unlike genetic risks, are often modifiable.

General Considerations Regarding Screening Tests

Whether a screening test results in better health outcomes depends on the characteristics of the disease, the test, and the patient population. The severity of a disease and its effect on the quality or duration of life, a sufficiently high prevalence, and the availability of acceptable and effective treatment all impact the value of a screening test. Some diseases have an asymptomatic period during which detection and treatment significantly reduces morbidity and mortality. For these diseases, treatment in the asymptomatic phase yields a better therapeutic result than treatment that is delayed until symptoms appear. Other diseases, such as lung cancer, progress very rapidly and have a frus-tratingly narrow window of asymptomatic disease during which intervention prevents death. Screening does not work without effective early therapy.

Fernald Risk Assessment

Incinerator Risk Assessment

The FMPC mainly produced uranium metal at a 1000-acre site located about 15 miles northwest of Cincinnati, Ohio. During operations, radioactive material was released from the site into the air from waste material stored in two large silos and from waste burned or buried in pits and incinerators. Increased risks of cancer in the population near the facility resulting from radioactive material releases from the FMPC were estimated by two risk assessments phase I (CDC 1998) addressed lung cancer and phase II (CDC 1999) addressed kidney cancer, female breast cancer, bone cancer, and leukemia. The phase I study estimated a median lifetime dose of 0.45 Sv (sievert), principally from inhalation of radon decay products, which was estimated to produce an excess of 85 lung cancer deaths in an exposed population of about 50,000. When some types of uncertainties are considered, the estimated doses ranged from 0.12 to 1.74 Sv, corresponding to an estimated number of excess lung cancer deaths...

Transdermal vs Topical

The skin is biologically intended to be a barrier. Evading this barrier is not easy, because drugs must traverse dead epithelium and live dermis the former is hydrophobic, while lipophilic drugs tends to form a reservoir in the latter. As in oral transmucosal administration, potent drugs, with modest requirements for mass absorbed and reasonable lipophilicity, are the best candidates for transdermal delivery. Fentanyl, nicotine, and sco-polamine are good examples.

The Role Of Context In Retrospective Memory

Similar retrospective memory effects are found with state-dependent manipulations. For example, manipulating inebriation (or not) at study and test will lead to the same sort of interactions as described for manipulations of context alpha (e.g., Eich, 1989). Other drugs such as nicotine, caffeine, and marijuana produce the same result, as do ambient temperatures, body position, odors, music, and states of pain. Another variant on state-dependency context effects is mood-dependent effects, which are not exactly the same thing as mood-congruency effects. In the former, placing people in slightly positive or negative mood states at both study and test produces the same crossover interactions (i.e., memory is better in the match conditions than in the mismatch conditions). By contrast, in the latter, mood congruency is when a person's current mood cues him or her either to learn or to remember information that is consistent with that mood (e.g., Hertel, 1992). For example, if after...

Behavioral and Social Emotional Problems

Adolescents and adults born preterm are less likely to demonstrate risk-taking behaviors than controls who were born full term. A recent study of young adults born from 1980 to 1983 in Britain found that fewer of those born with birth weights less than 1,500 grams than controls born full term drank alcohol or used illicit drugs, but there were no differences in the rates of smoking or sexual activity (Cooke, 2004). In the United States, young adults with birth weights less than 1,500 grams reported lower rates of alcohol and illicit drug use than controls with normal birth weights, but the two groups showed similar rates of tobacco use (57 and 50 percent of the men, respectively, and 40 and 48 percent of the women, respectively) (Hack et al., 2002). The men in the sample were also less likely to violate the law (37 and 52 percent, respectively), and this was primarily due to the lower rates of illicit drug use and truancy. The women were less likely to have had intercourse by age 20...

Components Of Preclinical Drug Development

Drug supply problems initially delayed the development of paclitaxel, a natural product antitumor agent with activity against ovarian, breast, and lung cancer (13). Paclitaxel is found in the bark of the Pacific yew tree, Taxus brevifolia (14). Poor yields (0.01 ) of paclitaxel from harvested tree bark meant that very large amounts of the plant product were necessary to sustain the clinical development of this agent (15). As a consequence, its availability during the early clinical testing program was limited. However, pharmaceutical scientists have now found that more favorable yields of paclitaxel precursors can be isolated from the yew tree needles, which represent a renewable source material (16). Semisynthetic production of paclitaxel from these precursors has helped to improve the supply of this active anticancer agent. Orthotopic xenograft models involve implanting tumors into defined sites within the animal to mimic metastases to specific organs. This concept is based on the...

Why does stigmatisation occur

Another possibility involves attribution theory, particularly beliefs about the cause of the condition (Weiner et al., 1988). It seems that people are more likely to be stigmatised if they are seen as having control over the onset or maintenance of their condition (Weiner et al., 1988 Crandall & Moriarty, 1995 Martini & Page, 1998). This idea is particularly relevant to understanding the stigmatisation experienced by people who have nicotine or alcohol dependence, but perhaps also to acne since there is a widespread belief that a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to its development. The Just World Hypothesis is related to attributions. This is the notion that negative events occur to people because of retributive justice for their actions (Lerner & Miller, 1978). That is, people get what they deserve if someone has a skin disease they must have done something to merit their appearance.

Use in Advertising and Marketing

The laws of grouping are frequently used in the field of advertising. Advertisers attempt to associate their products with various stimuli. For example, David L. Loudon and Albert J. Della Bitta, after studying advertising dealing with menthol cigarettes, noted that the advertisers often show mentholated cigarettes in green, springlike settings to suggest freshness and taste. Similarly, summertime soft-drink advertisements include refreshing outdoor scenes depicting cool, fresh, clean running water, which is meant to be associated with the beverage. Advertisements for rugged four-wheel-drive vehicles use the laws of grouping by placing their vehicles in harsh, rugged climates. The viewer develops a perception of toughness and ruggedness.

Mitochondria and Cancer

Mutations in mtDNA have been implicated in the cellular response to chemotherapy. For example, Singh et al. (1999) examined the response of a tumor cell line lacking mitochondrial DNA to several anticancer drugs, including adriamy-cin (a DNA-interacting drug widely used in chemotherapy for its role in binding DNA and stopping the process of replication). Cancer cells lacking mtDNA showed great chemotherapy resistance, indicating an important role of the mito-chondrial genome in regulating the cellular response to therapeutic agents. Similar findings were also reported in A549 non-small-cell lung cancer cell lines and their rho0 derivatives in which mitochondrial DNA has been eradicated (Lo et al., 2005). The parental cell line showed increased sensitivity to chemotherapy when compared with the mtDNA-compromised derivative cell line. Notably, the restoration of mtDNA restored chemosensitivity of the resistant cell line (Lo et al., 2005).


A central right non-small cell lung cancer with extensive ipsilateral mediastinal metastasis (a) in a 61-year-old man who was otherwise well. Staging by abdominal CT and bone scan showed 1.5 cm enlargement of the right adrenal gland and no other evidence of distant metastasis, and neoadjuvant therapy and resection were being considered. PET scan showed metastasis in the right adrenal gland( ) (b), left upper quadrant of the abdomen (S) (a) and the liver ( ) (c) (arrows) and management was changed to palliative radiation and chemotherapy. (Reproduced from Valk PE, Bailey DL, Townsend DW, Maisey MN. Positron Emission Tomography Basic Science and Clinical Practice. Springer-Verlag London Ltd 2003, p. 527.) Figure 1.1. A central right non-small cell lung cancer with extensive ipsilateral mediastinal metastasis (a) in a 61-year-old man who was otherwise well. Staging by abdominal CT and bone scan showed 1.5 cm enlargement of the right adrenal gland and no other evidence of...


The principal goal of treatment is to slow AD progression, provide a safe environment, maintain function as long as possible, and provide emotional support for the patient and family through social services and support groups. However, the treatment of dementia varies according to the stage of the disease and is focused on management of symptoms because no cure exists. It is of utmost importance to educate the patient and family about AD, its course, ramifications, and treatment options. Treatment includes both patient and caregivers. In early stages of AD, patients and their families may need counseling to deal with a sense of loss be made aware of support groups, respite care, and other social services that are available to them and be introduced to legal considerations in making decisions about future care needs such as medical and financial powers of attorney and a living will. As more supervision is required, caregivers need to be aware of physical dangers that can result from...

Postoperative Care

Postoperative management of the replantation patient is critical in achieving success. Postoperatively, the patient should be protected from vasospasm, pain, anxiety, tobacco smoke, cold temperatures, and caffeine, which can contribute to vasospasm during the first two weeks after surgery.62-63 The patients room is kept above 21 C (70 F) The hand is placed on a soft pile of blankets or in a foam cradle at heart level. If arterial inflow is a concern, then the hand is lowered. If venous engorgement is present, the hand can be elevated.


In most developed countries, cancer mortality has begun to decline only within the last 15 to 20 years, although in Japan, death rates from cancer began falling as early as the 1960s (28-30). Of course, cancer takes many different forms, and trends vary greatly by the site of the primary tumor. Lung cancer has become more common due to increased smoking habits, while stomach cancer has been in decline. Among women, mortality due to cervical cancer has fallen dramatically thanks to successful medical intervention (screening and early treatment) while breast cancer has been on the rise apparently due to a number of interrelated factors (lower and later fertility, changes in diet, and possibly other factors as well).

Risk factors

The concept of risk factors is increasingly used in the study of non-communicable disease. For example, many factors are associated with the occurrence of ischaemic heart disease including diet, exercise, and the use of cigarettes. From the public health point of view it is desirable to be able to assign different weights to each of these factors. How much does cigarette smoking contribute to the risk of the occurrence of ischaemic heart disease Conversely, how much change in the rate can be expected if a group alters its smoking habits Similarly, the same question can be asked with regard to diet and exercise. Furthermore, there is the possibility that the effects of individual factors are not merely additive but may interact. It is possible to obtain numerical estimates of the risk factors by the use of statistical methods including multiple regression and partial correlations. In some cases the risk facto' i j late due . y to aetiological factors (cigarette smoking and cancer of...


Commercial products which deliver drugs either buccally or sublingually are available for lorazepam for anxiety and insomnia, nicotine for smoking cessation and ergotamine for migraine treatment. The buccal route has been tried with variable degrees of success for several other drugs, including metronidazole, metoclopramide, phenazocine, propranolol, timolol, salbutamol, fenoterol and insulin. Calcium channel blockers (nifedipine, verapamil) both produce effects similar to oral doses when administered sublingually or buccally71 72. The buccal route has also been explored for the delivery of peptides since the mucosa is reported to lack surface-bound peptidases, and preliminary work in dogs demonstrated significant absorption of a hydrophobic lauroyl derivative of a tripeptide35. Thyrotropin-releasing hormone, vasopressin analogues and insulin have been investigated as potential candidates for buccal and sublingual drug delivery. Oxytocin can be delivered by the buccal route, but this...


The absorptive capacity of the nasal mucosa has been known for centuries. Even if unexploited by pharmaceutical scientists, the abuse of cocaine (including by primitive peoples), and nicotine (snuff) has routinely used this route of administration for systemic delivery. Vast annual tonnages of anti-allergy and decongestant drugs are now administered to the noses of the developed world. These are intended to treat local symptoms, and avoidance of systemic absorption is a favourable feature. a-Adrenergic agonists, antihistamines, and steroids probably lead the list for this topical route of administration.


The empirical research on stress and preterm delivery has become increasingly sophisticated in the past decade in several ways. First, the designs of observational studies have shifted from predominantly retrospective to predominantly prospective, measuring stress before rather than after delivery. Second, sample sizes are larger, in general, affording better power to test the effect(s) of interest. Third, the means of both the conceptualization and the measurement of stress have been strengthened. Fourth, most researchers now analyze data with attention to separating preterm labor and delivery from infant birth weight rather than studying only one of these outcomes without controlling for the other or lumping together several outcomes into what was sometimes termed complications. Finally, studies have involved greater control for potential confounders of the stress-preterm birth relationship. Thus, the methodological problems that have plagued past research on stress and preterm...

Concluding Remarks

B., Scarfone, C. et al., Multimodality nuclear medicine imaging in three-dimensional radiation treatment planning for lung cancer challenges and prospects. Lung Cancer 23 105-14 (1999). Osman M. M., Cohade, C., Nakamoto, Y. et al., Clinically significant inaccurate localization of lesions with PET CT frequency in 300 patients. J Nucl Med 44 240-243 (2003).


High absolute risk of mortality occurs when there is coexisting heart disease or other atherosclerotic disease, type 2 diabetes mel-litus, sleep apnea, hypertension, cigarette smoking, high LDL cholesterol, impaired fasting glucose ( 110-125), family history of early cardiovascular disease or age 55 in women, or postmenopausal status. Obesity is also associated with a greater risk of several non-lethal conditions including os-teoarthritis, gallstones, stress incontinence and menstrual disturbances.

Race and Ethnicity

Another popular explanation holds maternal risk behaviors responsible for the racial disparities in preterm birth, such as smoking or drug use. However, several studies have found, albeit by self-report, that proportionately fewer African-American women than white women smoke cigarettes during pregnancy (Beck et al., 2002 Lu et al., 2005). Similarly, the reported prevalence of alcohol and drug use among pregnant African-American women appears to be no greater than that among pregnant white women (Serdula et al., 1991). Although it is possible that studies may have not considered all risk behaviors (e.g., douching) or interactions between race and behaviors, a few studies have concluded that the contributions of behavioral risk factors during pregnancy to racial disparities in birth outcomes such as preterm birth or low birth weight appear to be modest (Goldenberg et al., 1996a). The reasons for socioeconomic disparities in preterm birth rates are unclear and have been relatively...


Kraus AC, Ferber I, Bachmann SO, et al. (2002) In vitro chemo- and radioresistance in small cell lung cancer correlates with cell adhesion and constitutive activation of AKT and MAP kinase pathways. Oncogene 21 8683-8695. 53. Krystal GW, Sulanke G, Litz J (2002) Inhibition of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt signaling blocks growth, promotes apoptosis, and enhances sensitivity of small cell lung cancer cells to chemotherapy. Mol Cancer Ther 1 913-922.

Crohns disease

Long-term Steroids for acute exacerbations, regular 5-ASA analogues to number of relapses in Crohn's colitis. Alternatively, steroid-sparing agents (e.g. azathioprine, 6-mercaptopurine, methotrexate, infliximab). Advice Stop smoking, dietitian referral. Education and advice (e.g. from IBD nurse specialists).


A student commented, I've given up cigarettes, I've given up booze, and now I have to give up food No, I told him, I'm not saying that. The idea is to have a choice. Another student summed up his reactions with, It feels like one of the real heavy problem areas. Yes, I said, it's much deeper than sex. You can live, although it's not much fun, without sex, but you cannot live without food. The purpose here is choice, and developing the ability to use all thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations as fuel to bring you back to a more clear, centered state.

Future Trends

Japan remains focused on possible genetic differences, and continues to insist upon studies conducted in its own population as a condition for registration and approval. Regional variations, such as diet, alcohol and tobacco consumption, climate, exposure to pollution and other environmental factors, socioeconomic status, and differences in technology and health care standards, require creative planning for multinational trials.


That becomes deposited in the respiratory system or to incidental ingestion of soil from homegrown food products or of dust from handling food or cigarettes with unwashed hands. Normally, young children (less than 7 years old) can be expected to ingest, on average, between 100 and 200 mg of soil per day, although ingestion rates of up to 1000 mg day are possible for normal ingestion by children (EPA 1997). However, a phenomenon known as pica may cause soil ingestion rates to be abnormally high for some subpopulations, particularly children from lower-socioeconomic backgrounds. Pica can be of significant concern if it leads to an abnormal level of direct ingestion of contaminated soil. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to quantify accurately the amount of soil that pica children ingest, as it can vary widely.

Summary Profiles

Hopwood, Stephens and Machin (1994) utilised this approach with part of the data from the MRC Lung Cancer Working Party (1996) trial. They considered the HADS anxiety rather than depression assessments. They excluded all data from patients having gaps in their assessment profiles as they were describing a methodology rather than the actual results of the clinical trial. Figure 9.7a shows the mean HADS for each follow up profile. Since the plots appeared fairly consistent it was concluded that there were no major differences in these subgroups so that the combined (all-patient) profile of Figure 9.7b could be calculated. This is divided by treatment group in Figure 9.7c.

Clinical Predictors

The data in Table 9-2 describe a homogeneous population from Norway. Data from the United States show the same phenomenon, with markedly increased rates of preterm birth for African Americans, reaching 50 percent or more for an African-American woman with two or more prior preterm deliveries (Adams et al., 2000 Mercer et al., 1996). Other reported risk factors include the use of assisted reproductive technology, poor nutrition, periodontal disease, absent or inadequate prenatal care, age less than 18 years or over 35 years, strenuous work, high levels of personal stress, anemia, cigarette smoking, cervical injury or abnormality, and uterine anomaly (Meis et al., 1995 Mercer et al., 1996). As discussed in Chapter 5, the increased number of pregnancies conceived after the use of assisted reproductive technologies is associated with a rise in preterm birth not only because of multiple gestations but also because the singleton gestations that occur after the use of assisted reproductive...

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