Kill Your Stutter Program

Kill Your Stutter Program

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Principal Publications

Another important aspect of Jung's work during his psychiatric residency was his research in word-association testing. Originally designed as a test of a subject's basic intelligence, word-association testing has also been used to probe into a subject's unconscious preoccupations. In this evaluation, the examiner reads a list of stimulus words and the subject responds to each. The interval between the stimulus word and the response is timed with a stopwatch. Most subjects respond immediately to words that have no emotional significance, but will stutter, hesitate, or prolong the reaction time if the stimulus word is disturbing to them. In one case, Jung deduced that a patient he was testing had gotten into a fight when he was drunk, based on the man's responses to the words knife, bottle, beat, and pointed. Jung was invited along with Freud to give lectures in the United States in 1909 on the basis of his word-association research.

Implications for Social Behavior

Thus, group composition has been demonstrated to predict the extent to which people pay attention to and are aware of, themselves and specific facets of themselves, and to predict a variety of social behaviors including participation in religious groups, bystander intervention in emergencies, worker productivity, stuttering in front of an audience, and conformity. For example, an analysis of the participation of congregation members in their religious groups documented the powerful effect of group composition on behavior of group members. As the size of the congregation increased relative to the number of ministers, the congregation members were less likely to participate in the group (in terms of activities such as attending worship services, becoming lay ministers, or inquiring for Christ ). In this instance, becoming lost in the crowd impaired the normal self-regulation behaviors necessary for participation. Alternatively, analysis of the behavior of stutterers in front of an...

Microsatellites And Other Polymorphic Markers

Manifest after electrophoresis as artefacts called 'stutter bands' (Figure 10.7) (Walsh et al., 1996). The use of tetranucleotide repeats in preference to dinucleotide repeats and the application of commercially available optimized reaction buffers should reduce these problems.

Treatment and Prevention

Treatment of speech disorders attempts to eliminate or minimize the disorder and related problems. Many professionals may be involved in providing therapy, special equipment, or surgery. In therapy, specialists teach clients more effective ways of communicating. They may also help families learn to communicate with the disordered individual. Therapy may also include dealing with the negative behavioral effects of having a speech disorder, such as frustration, anxiety, and a feeling of low self-worth. In some cases, surgery can correct structural problems that may be causing speech disorders, such as cleft palate or misaligned teeth. For children with articulation disorders, therapy begins with awareness training of the misarticulations and the correct sound productions. After awareness is established, the new sound's productions are taught. For individuals who exhibit voice disorders, therapy is designed to find the cause of the disorder, eliminate or correct the cause, and retrain...

Sources for Further Study

Counseling Stutterers. Memphis, Tenn. Author, 1989. The Speech Foundation ofAmerica is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of stuttering. It provides a variety of low-cost publications about stuttering and stuttering therapy. This publication is written to give clinicians a better understanding of the counseling aspect of therapy and to suggest ways in which it can be used most effectively. _. Therapy for Stutterers. Memphis, Tenn. Author, 1989. A general guide to help those who work or plan to work in therapy with adult and older-adolescent stutterers.

Types of Speech Disorders

Stuttering is defined as an interruption in the flow or rhythm of speech. Stuttering can be characterized by hesitations, interjections, repetitions, or prolongations of a sound, syllable, word, or phrase. I wa-wa-want that is an example of a part-word repetition, while I, I, I want that is an example of a whole-word repetition. When a word or group of words such as uh, you know, well, or oh is inserted into an utterance, it is termed an interjection. I want uh, uh, you know, uh, that is an example of a sentence containing interjections. There may also be secondary behaviors associated with Stuttering (DSM code 307.0) stuttering. In order for an individual to extricate himself or herself from a stuttering incident, secondary behaviors may be used. A stutterer may blink the eyes, turn the head, tap his or her leg, look away, or perform some other interruptive behavior to stop the stuttering. In therapy, secondary behaviors are very difficult to extinguish. While articulation disorders...


Priapism occurs in two-thirds of males with SCD, with a peak incidence in the second and third decades. It is caused by vaso-occlusion leading to obstruction of venous drainage from the penis. It typically affects the corpora cavernosa alone, resulting in a hard penis with a soft glans. Episodes can be brief (stuttering) or prolonged, when they last for longer than 3 h. Recurrent priapism leads to fibrosis and eventual impotence. Young boys require explanation of symptoms and the need to seek early help for priapism. At the onset of priapism, patients should drink extra fluids and attempt to urinate. Persistent priapism

Vocal folds

Between 5 percent and 10 percent of Americans experience speech or language difficulties, often referred to as speech disorders. For these individuals, a breakdown occurs in one of the processes of normal communication described above. People with speech disorders may exhibit one or more of the following problems They may be difficult to understand, use and produce words incorrectly, consistently use incorrect grammar, be unable to hear appropriately or to understand others, consistently speak too loudly, demonstrate a hesitating speech pattern, or simply be unable to speak. Speech disorders can be categorized as one of three disorder types disorders of articulation, of fluency, or of voice. Articulation disorders are difficulties in the formation and stringing together of sounds to produce words. Fluency disorders, commonly referred to as stuttering, are interruptions in the flow or rhythm of speech. Finally, voice disorders are characterized by deviations in a person's voice...

Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

Stammering Its Cause and Its Cure

This book discusses the futility of curing stammering by common means. It traces various attempts at curing stammering in the past and how wasteful these attempt were, until he discovered a simple program to cure it. The book presents the life of Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue and his struggles with the handicap. Bogue devotes a great deal of text to explain the handicap of stammering, its effects on the body and psychology of the sufferer, and its cure.

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