Final remarks

It is not only the standard positioning procedures, our positioning know-how and the positioning aids which protect the patient from positioning injuries. The operating team must be disciplined in continuing to support the prophylaxis measures during the operation. Frequently one of the team members will lean on the patient's knee without realising it. The patient in O Figs. 8.58 and 8.59 has not been supported by a half roll under the knee. Here the left knee is straightened with increased pressure on the heels. Neither is it necessary for the instruments to lie on the legs.

Our aim is for the patient to be satisfied after the operation, having been well padded by the team during the operation, and kept in a dry, warm position (O Fig. 8.60).

D. Aschemann, A. Gansslen, L. Mahlke

9.1 Standard steps in the elective programme - 108

9.1.1 Patient reception - 108

9.1.2 Selection of the operating table and placing the patient on it - 108

9.1.3 Preparation of the patient in the anaesthesia induction room - 108

9.1.4 Definitive positioning - 109

9.1.5 Preparing the bed and measures at the end of the operation - 109

9.2 Preparations in an emergency (under time pressure) - 110

9.3 Preparations for open fractures - 110

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