Fluoroscopic navigation

4 Classical extension table, legs spread.

4 The C-arm is positioned between the legs, brought in from the direction of the feet. Only one C-arm is used.

4 The surgeon is seated, looking towards the head.

4 The RB is positioned on the side of the thigh.

4 The camera, navigation system and fluoroscopy monitor are positioned at the head end on the operation side, at an angle of about 45° to the operating table.

4 After making the registration adjustments, the C-arm remains in the ante-roposterior position for further control scans during the operation.

4 Cover the operation site with foil, preferably without holding clips.

Fig. 22.17. Extension operating table 1150.20 and fitted foot plate, also possible with CRP bars (exchangeable) and CRP pelvic plate for 360° scanning without metal bracing
D Fig. 22.18. Patient in supine position on extension operating table 1150.20, fitted foot plates and use of the navigation system

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