4 Children's operating table in the neutral position 4 Connect the warming mat and lamp, affix the temperature sensor 4 Prepare and induce the anaesthetic in the supine position 4 Transfer to the lateral position in the operating theatre 4 The upper arm is positioned in the cranial direction, padded and fixed in a cloth sling to the anaesthetic screen, for infants the arm is fixed in a lying position at the head with plaster strips 4 In larger children, pull the lower arm so that the body weight does not lie directly on the shoulder and extend in this position 4 Stabilise the body with sandbags or gel cushions, possibly wedge cushions 4 Fix the lower leg with body belts for older children and plaster strips for younger children 4 Pad the parts of the body at risk from pressure 4 Apply the neutral electrode, connect to the HF surgery device 4 Use compresses to protect the electrode during disinfection 4 Position the operating lamps

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