Prone position

4 Position the patient in the middle of the table, pay attention to table top height and patient height, because the C-arm gap is limited.

4 Choose a flat carbon table top (e.g. 1150.16) for obese patients.

4 Do not use metallic bolsters (MHH), cushions should be the preferred positioning aids.

4 In the single-section carbon VIWAS table, the gap in the C-arm is too small in some cases.

4 When scanning the thoracic vertebral column, as far as possible use the respiratory standstill in expiration to avoid movement artefacts.

4 In the case of dorsal instrumentation, proceed with the scan before applying the longitudinal and transfer connectors to reduce the artefacts.

D Fig. 22.3. Maximum longitudinal displacement of the CRP operating table 1150.16 towards the head

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