4 Secondary dislocation

D Fig. 18.9. Supine position on universal operating table with CRP back plate 1150.45 and supported extension plate
D Fig. 18.11. Supine position on operating extension table (1150.20) with special leg plates for optimum fluoroscopy

D Fig. 18.12. Masking the extremity for preoperative skin disinfection and additional moisture protection also during the operation (7 see Fig. 18.15 on p. 243)

D Fig. 18.13. Good covering techniques allow for movement of the extremity (7 see Fig. 18.17 on p. 243)

18.2.2 Modified supine position

O Figs. 18.14-18.17. Indications

Closed and open osteosynthesis procedures to the femur requiring intraoperative fluoroscopy with a lateral ray path.

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