Fig. 8.32. Helmet for sitting position

8.5.2 Shoulders and arms

8.5.3 Back and pelvis

Fig. 8.33. Shoulder positioning with segment removed must be given to distributing the contact pressure in this area. A thorax support can provide the patient with additional support on the side (O Figs. 8.34, 8.35).

8.5.4 Legs

If necessary, a half roll is placed under the knees at the distal thigh. In other cases, a wedge pad can also be placed under the thighs. Pressure on the heels should always be reduced to a minimum, depending on the planned operation. One possibility is to use small gel mats placed under the calf. But the leg should always have the greatest possible contact with the patient board with every kind of padding (7 see also Sect. 8.3.4).

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