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NATO Science for Peace and Security Series

The NATO SPS Programme supports meetings in the following Key Priority areas (1) Defence Against Terrorism (2) Countering other Threats to Security and (3) NATO, Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue Country Priorities. The types of meeting supported are generally Advanced Study Institutes and Advanced Research Workshops . The NATO SPS Series collects together the results of these meetings. The meetings are coorganized by scientists from NATO countries and scientists from NATO's Partner or Mediterranean Dialogue countries. The observations and recommendations made at the meetings, as well as the contents of the volumes in the Series, reflect those of participants and contributors only they should not necessarily be regarded as reflecting NATO views or policy.

Interdisciplinary Preparedness And Response Plans

Enhancing local response capabilities through federal assets is only one example of creating a multi-level response. The Department of Health and Human Services has taken this a step further by incorporating both hospital and public health preparedness standards into their emergency preparedness grants, thereby emphasizing the importance of integrating health care systems' response plans with local jurisdictions' plans. According to William Raub, of the Department of Health and Human Services, the goals of the preparedness grants are to improve the nation's response capabilities in bioterrorism and other disasters, while correcting decades of neglect in the public health infrastructure.

Models of Disease and Therapy

Some people are reluctant to immunize their children because of concerns that vaccines carry unknown risks of poisoning or exotic animal diseases. Others worry that immunizations are wrongfully withheld. The medical community decided that smallpox had been eradicated, and smallpox immunization had no benefit to offset its risks. In 2002, following fear of biological terrorism, the unimmunized population seemed vulnerable. Some asked how we know that smallpox really has been eradicated. There are no definitive scientific answers to such questions because they require proof of a negative. Statistical evidence simply begs the question.

Public Health Risks Associated With Disasters

After terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, and anthrax was spread via the United States Postal Service only a month later, Americans felt ill prepared to respond to crises and to protect their health and well-being in the event of future attacks. Since then, preparedness activities have generated substantial interest and funding, and, as a result, federal, state, and local leaders are changing practices to prepare to respond to both natural and terrorist disasters however, the improvements made are not nearly sufficient, noted some participants. Usually politically motivated, the immediate goal of terrorism is to instill fear and confusion among the public. Immediately following an attack, the public's fear is transformed into intense preparation for the next crisis yet, with increasing periods of safety, the public's sense of complacency tends to trump the preparedness activities, and, according to Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director of the...

Preparedness and Response Systems Supplies Staff and Space1

Warrants the trade-offs necessary to address it. According to Raub, three key disagreements exist among officials, (1) the likelihood of a terrorist attack that will result in such mass casualties, (2) the balance of investment between the general enhancement of public health infrastructure and the special emergency response capabilities needed to respond to an event of such magnitude, and (3) the necessary balance of investment among local, state, and federal government assets. To best protect the public's health, Raub noted the need for better communications concerning the nature of the risks and the vulnerabilities and trade-offs in addressing them, as well as vertical and horizontal integration of assets to strengthen the ability of the United States to respond to large-scale events.

Relevance to modern readers

Maslow's speculations about the best that humans are capable of can seem naive to modern readers, but many of his observations have an essential truth that has not been diminished by the passing years. He cautioned against cynicism and a lack of values, and he encouraged people to commit themselves to higher goals and to openly acknowledge the things that are important to them. He thought that this was the only way to achieve real growth. In an age marked by cynicism, alienation, and the specter of terrorism,

Psychoanalytic Theory Applications

Psychoanalytic ideas have been applied in many fields of study. For example, psychoanalytic theories about loss and mourning have been used to help inner-city children cope with their reactions to losses in mourning groups. Psychoanalytic ideas about power and helplessness have been used in schools to decrease violence by changing the atmosphere in which bullies can thrive. Psychoanalytic ideas led to the concept of social and emotional learning whereby educators have demonstrated that intelligence is not just based on the ability to think but includes emotions and social abilities. Psychoanalytic ideas have been used in the study of literature to understand characters such as Hamlet or Othello. They have been used in the study of culture to understand terrorists and the societies that support them. Psychoanalysts apply psychoanalytic theories in the help they offer to day-care centers, businesses, diplomats, police officers, firefighters, rabbis, priests, and others.

Psychological Training and Preparation

Training in crisis management may also be appropriate (Goode, 1995). Many expatriates are at increased risk of experiencing traumatic incidents, perhaps related to terrorist bombing, war situations, evacuations, hostage taking, rape, robbery, riots, traffic accidents, land mines, natural disasters, or illness epidemics. A crisis management package should include a security briefing covering measures to prevent crises wherever possible, by being alert to potential danger and taking precautions to enhance safety. The package should also provide information about established policies. Training can also be given in the importance of not abandoning hope during a crisis, but rather trying to engage in active problem solving, as this is associated with a reduction in negative psychological after-effects (Ehlers et al., 1998). Kidnapping often follows cycles of terrorism, at times involving multiple victims. Unlike random crimes, kidnapping usually involves preselected targets. Crisis...

Practical Look At Emergency Preparedness

Disasters can be a result of a natural agent, a terrorist act, or an industrial accident. Disasters can have impacts on businesses from both a personnel and an economic standpoint. Because many individuals are at work when disasters strike, it is even more imperative that businesses are a part of the planning for how to manage the impact of disasters and how to prevent them, said Jack Azar of Xerox, Inc. The interest in managing and preventing crises at Xerox started in December 1984 when a disastrous chemical release occurred in Bhopal, India, and 2,000 people were killed as a result of it. Modifying Disaster Planning as a Result of the 2001 Terrorist Acts The other challenge that Xerox had was to include shelter in place planning while creating an emergency management plan. Xerox has about 7,500 employees at its Webster facility in New York State. They work within 7 miles of a nuclear power plant. Since Xerox is the largest commercial employer within the 10 mile radius from the...

Tranche of Analysis

For many months she did not dream, indicating that she was not willing to engage herself emotionally with me she practically boasted that she had obliged her previous analyst therapist to work without dreams, and she could not understand why I should be interested in them, as she was not. At the end of this first period of analysis, however, despite her angry provocations and her apparent lack of interest in or even refusal of my interpretations, Mrs. R. started to dream, and was astounded at the work this opened up. To begin with her dreams were strongly persecuto-ry terrorists were stopping her traveling or she identified with the pupils at a local high school who had flooded it. However, she seemed to show some awareness in these dreams that the violent, persecutory presences might make things difficult for me and jeopardize our travel together.

Selfhelp groups and bibliotherapy

In practical terms, Beck and some of his students have written self-help guides and other books for the interested nonspecialist. In 1988 Beck published a book called Love Is Never Enough, which introduced the concept of couples' therapy as well as cognitive therapy within the framework of a guide written for the general public. David Burns, who completed a residency in psychiatry under Beck in the late 1970s, has published several self-help books based on the principles of cognitive therapy, including Feeling Good The New Mood Therapy (1980), Intimate Connections (1985), and The Feeling Good Handbook (1990). Burns's books are often recommended as homework for patients in cognitive therapy. Lastly, Beck's work on the cognitive distortions underlying anger and violence, called Prisoners of Hate, appeared in 1999. While it is not a self-help book in the strict sense, Prisoners discusses the cognitive bases of spouse and child abuse, hate crimes, and terrorism in a clear and accessible...

Chronic and Catastrophic Stress Exposures

A second set of studies involved a common chronic stressor, such as being imprisoned (Hollander, 2005) or homeless (Stein et al., 2000) during pregnancy or experiencing a catastrophic event occurring during pregnancy (Glynn et al., 2001 Lederman et al., 2004). For example, Lederman and colleagues (2004) assessed the impact of the time of gestation at the time of the World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, among 300 nonsmoking women in New York City who were pregnant at the time. Women who were in the first trimester at the time of the attack delivered infants of significantly shorter gestations, and women whose place of employment was within 2 miles of the World Trade Center had marginally shorter gestations. Strikingly similar effects were found by Glynn and colleagues (2001), who examined gestational age at delivery of 40 women who experienced a major earthquake in the first, second, or third trimester or postpartum. They found a significant effect of the timing...


The discussions of the workshop were quite sobering on the health issues and other challenges that the United States and other countries face during a time of disaster. As destructive as natural disasters such as tornados are, they can be addressed because their intrinsic hazards do not change from disaster to disaster. Terrorist events, however, are difficult to prepare for and defend against because terrorists can change their method of operations. Therefore, an integration of disciplines, especially for public health and emergency responders, needs to be in place in order to meet the challenges and to be effective during a time of crisis, noted Bernard Goldstein, Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh. As the United States continues to plan for responding to disasters, research and training must guide the effort. Many people believe that once a terrorist event is concluded, the threat from terrorism is reduced. This is a misconception because there are...

Future growth areas

We can now study on-line sampling of brain interstitial fluid, since some neurosurgeons routinely insert a catheter containing a small dialysis membrane through a burr-hole. Thus a relatively low molecular weight protein such as the S-100 molecule can be monitored by continually washing through with an artificial CSF which equilibrates with the brain interstitial fluid. Dramatic alterations over several orders of magnitude have been seen over the course of a few hours. These are illustrated in Figure 14.1, where one sees that a patient with a clipped aneurysm had 2 successive bouts of high intracranial pressure (ICP), each followed by 2-log increase (and subsequent decrease to normal) of S-100 protein in his extra cellular fluid (ECF), before his eventual recovery. One of the technological spin-offs from the increase in international terrorism has been a 'field laboratory', which is essentially a portable 'black box' which can be set up in the most awkward circumstances, (including...

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