Increasing the occlusal vertical dimension

Increasing the occlusal vertical dimension (OVD) and providing restorations without occlusal reduction will allow restorations to be placed with less need for tooth substance removal. However, this approach is more clinically demanding, is complex and requires a very compliant patient. The dentition will normally need to be restored at the retruded axis position (RAP), hence a period of stabilisation splint wear will be required (which will also aid in treatment by providing stability). In addition, a major disadvantage of this approach is that multiple restorations will be required in order to re-establish occlusal contact between all teeth.

In many cases in which multiple teeth require restoration and space is at a premium, for example tooth wear, a combination of approaches is required. Also, when there are very short clinical crowns, surgical crown lengthening may be performed to increase clinical crown height and increase retention, as described previously.

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