Figure 1 RNA blot with salicylic acid-regulated genes from tobacco. A BY-2 tobacco cell culture was treated with 250 /xM salicylic acid (SA) or 25 ¿¿M flufenamate (Flu) and samples were taken at designated time points. The upper set of samples was hybridized with a tobacco PR-1 a gene, showing the beginning of the induction of the PR-1 gene by salicylic acid whereas flufenamate is inactive in inducing the PR-1 gene. C14-1b is a tobacco gene of unknown function (88) that is only weakly induced by salicylic acid but strongly induced by flufenamate.

of the promoter, we identified a cis element in an FAS-responsive gene that is also specifically bound by nuclear protein extracts in gel retardation assays (C. Anstatt and R. Tenhaken, unpublished results). Controlled activation or repression of this factor will probably be a valuable tool to modify programmed cell death in plants. We anticipate a novel mode of enhanced plant tolerance toward microbial pathogens by engineering the execution of a natural cell death program and making use of the powerful natural broad-spectrum resistance that plants have developed during evolutionary history.

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