Advances in the elucidation of secondary metabolite biosynthetic pathways and in the isolation of corresponding biosynthetic genes by reverse genetics or direct cloning make metabolic engineering of these pathways increasingly possible. Whether overexpression of rate-limiting enzymes will lead to enhanced yield of the desired secondary metabolites is a highly debated issue. All theoretical debate will not resolve this issue, and it will need to be addressed experimentally. If successful, metabolic engineering may make biotechnological production processes for phytochemicals using cell or organ cultures economically attractive. This is particularly true if functional expression of biosynthetic gene arrays can be achieved in microorganisms.

The application of metabolic engineering to whole plants will depend on the successful development of methods that allow the regeneration of phenotypically normal plants. In addition, for transgenic medicinal plants to be grown in the field, the regulatory issues regarding the release of genetically modified organisms into the environment and public acceptance need to be taken into account. Public criticism regarding transgenic plants is directed largely against the introduction of such plants or parts therefrom into the human food chain but also against perceived environmental damage by transgenic plants. As medicinal plants are usually highly toxic and thus not eaten by man, the former point should not be an issue; however, the latter point will certainly need to be addressed in a responsible and sensible manner. Apart from genetic modification of medicinal plants, other modern biotechnological approaches such as plant cell and tissue culture and molecular markers also have important applications in the field of medicinal plants. Conventional methods of farming, plant propagation, and breeding will, however, remain the first method of choice in the cultivation and improvement of medicinal plants for the production of phytochemicals.

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