Concluding Remarks

One can and should envisage many other ways besides T-HRC in which genetic engineering can be used to replace partially or augment herbicides in controlling weeds. Thus, it is unfortunate or deplorable (depending on one's outlook) that because of an antichemical bias among some of the authors of the World Bank report, weeds were not among the constraints to agriculture that could be overcome by biotechnology (Kendall et al., 1997). With weeds not listed, many biotechnologists do not realize the problems facing agriculture and will not be stimulated to support and study the positive aspects and drawbacks of the first generation of T-HRCs and then innovate new solutions. Thus, one can quote Confucius: "If language is incorrect, what is said is not meant. If what is said is not meant, what ought to be done remains undone." If weeds are not considered a constraint, bio-technological solutions will not be found to deal with them.

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