Combined Hepatitis A and Typhoid Vaccine

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Another combination vaccine recently licensed in the United Kingdom is that of hepatitis A and typhoid. Licensed currently for those aged 15 years and over, 1.0 ml of vaccine administered intramuscularly will confer protection against hepatitis A and typhoid within 14 days. Booster doses of the monovalent typhoid vaccine must be administered at 3-yearly intervals, while that of the monovalent hepatitis A vaccine must be given at 6-12 months initially, followed by 10-yearly intervals. Again, no serious side-effects have been reported with the use of this vaccine.

The future development of routine universal immunisation programmes against hepatitis A, such as those being introduced in the United States and several southern Mediterranean countries, will be of benefit to future generations of travellers, who will be protected well in advance of their travels. It could also be surmised that future universal immunisation programmes will include the use of the combination hepatitis A and B vaccine, therefore providing concurrent dual long-term protection against both types of viral hepatitis.

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