Patient Information Brochures

One of the challenges of the travel clinic encounter is to impart the large amount of travel health advice and information applicable to a given trip in a way that can be remembered by the patient within the time allocated for the travel clinic encounter (typically 45-60 minutes). Most travel clinics find that the preparation of patient information brochures, preprinted prescriptions, and printed instructions on what to do for vaccine-associated side-effects will save significant time during the travel clinic appointments. The printed materials enable multiple providers to communicate the advice on each relevant topic and provide prescriptions according to the practice standards determined for the given travel clinic. Health topics that have proven useful in the University of Washington travel clinics over the years include:

• Summary of adverse side-effects of travel immunizations and instructions on when and how to call for help

• Destination country information

• Generic plus brand names of malaria chemopro-phylaxis drugs throughout the world

• Insect precautions and repellents

• Food and water precautions

• Travelers' diarrhea management and self-treatment

• Sexually transmitted infections

• Sun exposure precautions

• High-altitude illness

• Japanese encephalitis

• Schistosomiasis

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